About our church meetings

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our Weekend Church Discussions online. We are based in Santa Maria Christian Church in Lisbon, one of a few places in Portugal where you can get an English-speaking church service. We have our discussions in a back room right after Friday and Sunday services, so please don’t run away too fast after the last words of our priests!

During our discussions which last no longer than Game of…

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Friday meeting

We want to thank everyone who attended our meeting last Friday, it was really great to see so many new faces!  We all appreciate that you joined our community! We hope, you join us on Sunday as well for our discussion “…

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Sunday meeting

You all know that beliefs demands actions. We strive to see the words of God to heal your soul, improve your life and impact on a collective level to everything that is going on around us. We would like to thank you all for coming for our Sunday meeting to discuss “How to heal with words” topic, and we would really appreciate everyone who could not attend the discussion due to the weather to…

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